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                                                                                                                  Frequently Asked Questions

Is the service free?

-Yes, we offer free memberships for both customers and vendors as well as tailored paid packages that include extra features. 


If I post an ad and award the contract to a vendor am I obligated to book that vendor?

-Absolutely not. The site offers a communication platform for both vendors and customers but it is not under any circumstance considered a formal contract agreement. You are free as a customer to change your mind as well as vendors are free to change their mind even after a contract has been awarded. Both parties agree (as stated in the terms of service) that they must agree to their own terms when a deal is made by either signing an actual contract or meeting in person.


As a vendor do I have to bid within the price range of a post?

-No, the price range is selected by a customer when posting an ad, but as a vendor you are free to make an offer (Bid) for lower or greater the amount they have posted. 


I’m a vendor and wanted to communicate with couple who posted an ad on myweddingbids but the site will not allow me to send them a message, why is this?

-This is to prevent spam to our customers. Only the marrying couple can contact the vendors before a deal has been made. Once a conversation is started by a customer, the chat function is enabled for both parties to communicate. Likewise if a deal is made between a customer and a vendor the chat feature is automatically enable for either party to initiate a conversation.


Can I post other related wedding issues such as selling my wedding dress or even wedding advice?

-No. The site has been purely designed to connect vendors and couples looking to hire a contractor for their wedding day. 


What is the currency used in myweddingbids.com?

-All currency displayed is Canadian(CAD) unless otherwise stated. 


Do I need to have a company in order to register as vendor?

-No, you are free to register as a vendor as long as you meet the list on vendor types. You may register as a freelancer, contractor or individual offering a service as requested by a customer.



As a vendor how do I become “Staff Pick”

-The “Staff Pick” process is entirely objectionable from myweddingbids.com staff point of view. We reserve the right to assign a “staff pick” at our own discretion. Some of the criteria we look for are: Stablished businesses, in good standing with the BBB of Canada, good ratings from customers, good user friendly websites of your business, public awards for business excellence, long standing membership with mywedingbids.com, etc. 


Can I be featured as “Staff Pick” if i’m a free user.

-No, unfortunately only paid customers are looked by our staff when deciding for “Staf Pick” awards.


Do I win anything as a “Staff Pick”

-You win our recognition! But no cash prices are award to any “Staff Pick”. But you are featured on our “Staff Pick” gallery which increases you chances of being awarded contracts.



Can I log in from my mobile device?

-Yes absolutely. We have a mobile device friendly platform and most features of our site can be used. Although some mobile devices limit the use of Flash material, all the functionalities of the website will work on most devices.



Is live support always on?

-No, the service is not available 24/7. But you can always leave a message for our reps and they will get back to you as soon as possible.


If I see spam or offensive material posted on the site can I report it you?

-Yes please! We have “Report user”, ”Report Post” , and “Report Bid” functions throughout the site and if you see anything that is spam related, offensive or otherwise violates our terms and policies, please feel free to click on the option to report. This will keep the site clean and friendly for all users.



How about technical issues, can I report those?

-Yes! We strive to maintain a site that has minimal errors, but we are humans after all and we do make mistakes, whether it may be grammatical, spelling, or technical errors, we appreciate all feedback to help us improve the service we provide to our cutsomers. Any issues can be reported through our Live Support feature or by e-mail to our techs at support@myweddingbids.com



I forgot my password, what should I do?

-Please proceed to our log in process as you normally would but click on the link “Forget Password?”. A new password will be sent to the e-mail address you registered with, which will provide you with the option to reset your password. 



As a vendor can I get reviews from wedding that I did not booked thorough myweddingbids, or that I did prior to becoming a member?

-Yes, but only for paid users. You are allowed up to 3 for regular memberships and up to 5 for premium memberships. A personal invitation must be sent from Myweddingbids.com profile page to the customers you wish to leave a rating for you.


If I invite a previous customer to rate me, does the customer need to create a membership.

-No, the invited customer simply enters some basic information and is the able to give you star rating along with some optional words to go with your rating.


As a customer, can I rate any vendor?

-No. You are only allowed to rate a vendor as paid member and must have made a deal with the vendor in order to rate him/her. Or have been invited by a vendor to rate his or her profile based on previous work.


As a vendor that loves to travel, can I bid on a wedding happening on a different city, or maybe even a different country?

-Yes, but only for paid memberships. If you are a free user you can only bid on the city matching your set home city.


I am a vendor but when I tried changing my home city it will not allow me, why is this?

-If you are a free customer you are only allowed to change this once per month. 



I’m getting married on a different city than the one set as my home town, can I post my wedding on a different city?

-Yes, for all registered customers, the home city will have no effect on which city you will be getting married at.



When posting an ad, can I change the title of the post to something other than what appears on the drop-down menu?

-No, only contracts matching the descriptions of the drop-down menu in the posting section are allowed.


Can I change my profile picture?

-Yes, by visiting the “My account” page, you can change profile photos, gallery photos (for vendors), passwords etc.



Can I cancel a post?

-Yes, by visiting the “My Posts” page you can cancel, change our close a post.


As a customer what is the purpose of “Invite vendors” feature?

-This feature is intended for couples that are hoping to work with a certain vendor. You can search by vendor name, if that vendor has allowed him/herself to be listed, you can invite them to bid on your post, and hopefully they give you a good rate!


Are all vendors listed in the “Invite Vendors” search area.

-No, only vendors that opt to be invited to bids will appear on the list.



As a vendor if I a contract is awarded, does my calendar automatically book a “busy time”?

-No you have to manually enter any busy times on your calendar. We do this because we don’t know how many contracts you or your company can handle on any given day. If we were to book you as busy, then we would assume the maximum if one per day, but this may not be the case. The calendar is simply used for your own personal reference.




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